Wikipedia in Quechua

wikipedia_quechua.jpgThanks to a classmate, I recently discovered this version of Wikipedia in Quechua.
Wikipedia is a user-generated entity accessible by anyone with internet. As such, the multiple groups and dialects of the Quechua language pose a challenge to producing one version of Wikipedia in Quechua. In addition, Quechua has been and is primarily an oral language; it does not have one overarching alphabet or method of translating sounds to written words that is shared by all Quechua speakers. How to produce a unified, collectively created website in Quechua? This project can’t be incredibly inclusive, as participants must both have access to the internet as well as be able to write in Quechua in order to contribute. But on the other hand, there’s potential for it to be a kind of collage, a Quechua crockpot in which dialects meet and mingle. Whether you can read Quechua or not, it’s worth checking out at least to see what it’s like.
Visit the Meta-Wiki for a complete list of languages in which Wikipedia exists.
Christine Mladic
MA Candidate at CLACS

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