Presentation on Peronism at Pan American International High School

Ernesto Seman - CLACS at NYU
Ernesto Seman, NYU, PhD Latin American History
Hi, our names are Guadalupe Gracida and Priscila Vicuna and we are students from Pan American International High School (PAIHS) in Queens. Last Friday, in November, Ernesto from New York University (NYU) came to our Latin America History class to talk about Peron and the U.S. reaction to his presidency.

Ernesto explained to us how Peron and his politics were different from other politicians in Latin America. He came from a middle class family, he liked to play soccer and practice boxing.

When Peron came to power, he didn’t follow what people say – he had his own ideologies. He didn’t use a tie and hat like the other men in power. Peron made the poor people his “foot soldiers.” He called them “mis cabezitas negras” because the anti-peronists were trying to make them feel bad calling them the same way but with another meaning. That’s why Peron started to call them “gorillas” to do the same as they were doing with Peron’s people.

Peron made a lot of changes in the society. For example he gave vacation, rights for mothers, and retirement pension for the workers, he said that people can work eight hours and after eight hours it will be over time. In a short time, with the government support, he improved access to housing, public schools and public health.

Ernesto made a good connection between Barack Obama and the Peron government In our opinion we think that Obama and Peron are trying to solve problems, encouraging poor people to raise their voices. But Guadalupe thinks that Obama is helping more the middle and upper income people by giving them money to overcome the economic crisis and Peron always helped the poor. And Priscila’s opinion is that Obama is trying to help people and he is working hard to give everyone education, health and some other things it doesn’t matter if you are immigrant or if your born in the US. As Peron did with his country, they both are trying to make a difference.

Besides that Peron was an authoritarian man, he changed a lot of problems in the Argentina community.

Posted by Guadalupe Gracida and Priscila Vicuna — Students at the Pan American International High School, Grade 11

One thought on “Presentation on Peronism at Pan American International High School

  1. As a student I would appreciate when undergraduates visit the class sharing their opinions toward a ceratin subject, strarting a discussion or just let us know about the experinece they gained so far- it is like learning from the prime source.

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