Presentation on Cuba-US Relations at Pan American International High School

Franny Sullivan PAIHS - CLACSOur names are Nelson Ubri and Paul Gomez. We are students from Pan American International High School in Queens. In our Latin America History class, we received a lesson on December 17th, 2009 from Franny Sullivan, a student from New York University (NYU).

Franny Sullivan talked about how the United States helped Cuba to get independence from Spain. And, how later on, the United States used Cuba for many purposes. For example, in 1920, consumption of alcohol in the USA was prohibited, so many of the Americans traveled to Cuba to consume alcohol. They also used Cuba as a brothel, which creates a bad reputation for Cuban women. Franny Sullivan also talked about the policies the United Sates has with Cuba and how those policies have isolated Cuba from the rest of the World.

Franny Sullivan also talked about the relationship between Cuba and United States in 20th century. She explained the Platt Amendment to us. It is a document that the United Sates gave to Cuba to sign. This document states that Cuba will have to trade mostly with the USA and that the United States will have the right to intervene militarily in Cuba’s territory.

In our opinion, we think that this presentation was really educative and interactive because it got most of the students to participate and establish debates about the topic. We also think that this presentation covered pretty much what is going on today with Cuba and the United States and that this was a good opportunity for both the presenter and the students to share information that will increased the knowledge of everyone involved in the discussion.

Posted by Nelson Ubri and Paul Gomez — Students at Pan American International High School, Grade 11

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