CLACS-Pan American International High School Exchange: Presentation of Final Projects

Oscar - CLACS
Oscar Chico presents Che Guevara’s foquismo theory of Guerilla Warfare

On Friday, January 22nd eleventh graders from the Pan-American International High School (PAIHS) in Elmhurst, Queens presented their final projects for a class on Latin American history and culture to a roundtable of CLACS-affiliated students and faculty.

Mauricio - CLACS
Mauricio Gamarra presents his work on the Bolivian “Water Wars – Cochabamba”

The innovative course, created by PAIHS teacher Carly Fox and Make the Road organizer Natalia Aristizabal and entitled “Resistance in the Americas”, was developed with support from CLACS’ growing K-12 Outreach program. Over the course of the fall semester, several PhD candidates from NYU’s Department of History delivered guest lectures on topics ranging from Perón’s rise to power in Argentina to the evolving movement for Indigenous Rights.

Everyone Listens - CLACS
Students and CLACS members listen as eleventh-grader Nelson Dejesus Ubri’s presents on “Social Movements in Latin America”

At Friday’s event, the culmination of the semester-long collaboration, PAIHS students did a wonderful job presenting their exciting and carefully researched projects. To name just a few examples, Francisco Curiel presented on the Zapatistas in Chiapas, highlighting Zapatista web usage and the role women’s rights in the movement. Oscar Ruben Chico (see photo above) addressed Che Guevara’s foquismo theory of guerilla warfare. Guadalupe Gracida discussed the North American Free Trade Agreement, providing thoughtful and informative responses to difficult questions about the impact of United States farm subsidies on Mexican agriculture. Finally, Paul Gomez delivered a very comprehensive discussion of the role of Chevron/Texaco in Ecuador, focusing on a pending court case regarding oil contamination in Ecuadorian waters.

In all, eight students presented their work. Everyone attending agreed that the students were extremely impressive and CLACS is looking forward to future collaborations with PAIHS in the spring of 2010.

Posted By Franny Sullivan — CLACS Associate and K-12 Outreach Co-Coordinator; PhD Candidate in History at NYU

One thought on “CLACS-Pan American International High School Exchange: Presentation of Final Projects

  1. Always amazed and isnipred by you. I can feel the work pressing into places inside of me. Perhaps giving voice to my own reoccurring dreams Thank you for living and sharing your talent. XO

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