Teaching Haiti in Context: A Workshop for Teachers

Teaching Haiti CLACSOn Friday May 7th, CLACS, the Steinhardt School of Education of NYU the NYS Haitian Bilingual and ESL Technical Assistance Center (HABETAC), and Facing History, Facing Ourselves collaborated to present a two day workshop on Haiti for 40 teachers from all over the metropolitan area. The workshop was organized to support teachers in their efforts to teach about Haiti and to help to further contextualize the devastatingly destructive earthquake that hit the island in January earlier this year. The conference was also intended to look to help teachers to better support Haitian students affected by the disaster and to encourage all students to become educated, active and involved in the relief efforts.

The first day included a lecture by NYU professor and Director of CLACS Ada Ferrer on the history and legacies of the Haitian Revolution. Michael Dash, Professor of French and Social and Cultural Analysis at NYU, followed with a presentation on the history of Haitian-American relations. The following day’s workshops focused on how best to meet the needs of Haitian students. Tanya Huelett, of the educational NGO Facing History Facing Ourselves, wrapped up the day’s activities with a talk titled “Choosing to Participate: Responsibility and Action in the Face of International Crisis.”

For those interested in materials and information about Haiti, please visit the CLACS Haiti: in Context webpage.

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