Launching of the K-12 Teacher Residency Program

Rachel McCormick - Havana Cuba
Rachel McCormick, participant of the CLACS Teacher Residency program, in Havana, Cuba
In September 2010, as part of its K-12 Outreach initiatives, CLACS launched the Teacher Residency Program. The Residency Program is structured, in part, on feedback from NYC teachers who have emphasized the need for more individualized support to develop their own teaching resources on Latin America. As part of their applications, teachers submitted individual research proposals under the overarching theme of Latin America and the Cold War. Accepted applicants have been matched with appropriate NYU faculty, who will serve as their advisors. Participants have also been provided with an orientation and granted access to NYU’s Bobst library and its resources.

Selected Teacher Residents for the 2010/2011 Teacher Residency Program are Karen Michels and Lev Moscow, from the Beacon School, and Rachel McCormick, from the Bronx Leadership Academy. Residents, who are also supported by CLACS administrative staff and and graduate students at the Steinhardt School of Education, are expected to produce teaching materials by late December which will then be included in the curricular materials housed on the CLACS website.

All residents will present their materials in the upcoming K-12 educator conference titled Teaching the Cold War and Latin America in a High School Classroom, which is scheduled to take place on January 31, 2011, coinciding with a Professional Development Day for NYC public school teachers.

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