Focus on Faculty: Alejandro Velasco

Venezuela - clacs at nyuAlejandro Velasco is assistant professor of Latin American history in the Gallatin School at New York University, and a CLACS affiliated faculty member.

Velasco teaches interdisciplinary courses that incorporate cultural studies, urban social movements and human rights, and 20th-century revolutions.

Profile_Alejandro-Velasco.gif In a recently published article, titled “ ‘Weapon as Powerful as the Vote’: Urban Protest and Electoral Politics in Venezuela, 1978–1983,” Velasco challenges popular notions regarding “popular passivity” in Venezuela in the decades immediately following the founding of democracy in 1958. Velasco argues that street protest played an important role in evolving conceptions of democracy outside of those in urban popular sectors.

Venezuela.jpgThrough street protest, the meaning of democracy is expanded to incorporate “dynamic interplay of institutional and extrainstitutional, legal and illegal protest.” According to Velaso, considering street protests as evidence of popular activity reveals a stronger interaction between popular and elite-level actors in redeveloping Venezuelan democracy.

Alejandro Velasco’s article was published in the November issue of the Hispanic American Historical Review.

Read Velasco’s article

Posted by Von Diaz – MA Candidate at CLACS / Global Journalism at NYU

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