Quechua Nights at CLACS

Doris at Quechua Conversation Night - CLACS at NYU
Doris Loayza tells a story to Quechua Conversation Night participants.

When I tell people that I study the Quechua language, the news often inspires a feeling of surprise: Here? In New York City? I used to study Quechua as a graduate student at CLACS, but now that I’ve finished the program I have to take more personal initiative if I want to continue developing my language skills. Fortunately, I’m able to attend Quechua Conversation Night – a monthly event that asks participants to engage with the language in a variety of ways that are suitable for beginner and advanced-level Quechua language speakers and learners.

Quechua Night - CLACS at NYUOn October 19, CLACS invited Doris Loayza to present. A speaker of Ancashino Quechua, Doris mixed song and story to the group, who sat gathered around her on the floor. By candlelight, attendees tuned their ears to Doris’ melodic presentation. Afterwards, in small groups, we began communicating immediately, with more advanced speakers including beginners in a basic dialogue. We then mingled, either reiterating the evening’s lesson or incorporating more challenging language expressions into our conversations. Please join us next time – all are welcome, even those with no prior experience with the language.

19 octubrepi, Doris Loayza “Runasimi Tutata” watukuran. Pay Ancashmanta. Doris takiran, willakuran ima uyariqkunaman, pampapi tuyaspa. Velakunaq k’anchayninpi uyariqkuna uyariranku Dorista. Chaymanta, huch’uy grupokunapi, llapayku rimapayarayku. Hinaspa, hoq runakunawan rimapayarayku, hoq simikunapi. Hamuy! Llapaykichis atinkichis hamuyta.

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Christine Mladic is a CLACS Alum

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