Two Cases: Toward a New Cultural Representation of Lima City

G.Borea - Peru
Dario Escobar's piece "Sin Titulo" (Guatemala)

My main interest is to analyze the promotion and consumption of art in Lima in relation to the growth of the city. I consider that in the last ten years a shift in Lima’s, and Peru’s, cultural representation has been produced. In this scenario the art agents play a specific role in trying to locate the city as a node in the circulation of regional art.

When I arrived to Lima two particular aspects called my attention. First, the new design for the Peruvian motto (marca- pais) and the advertisement for its promotion, “Peru visits Peru”. It is the first time that Peru has a contemporary design where the archeological and Inca motifs are not the strongest references. At the same time, the originality of the advertisement has received a lot of good feedback by the audience and experts. In it, a group of famous Peruvian people go to a town in Nebraska called Peru, to teach them which are the rights and what they need to know as “Peruvians” and to enjoy as such (see below).

G. Borea- Peru
Exhibition: Miradas sin Coordenadas by 80m2 Art Galley

Second, for the first time in Lima several art galleries show also an international agenda. They are starting to include artists from other countries as part of their exhibitions. At the same time, the art space Miro Quesada Garland, one of the main important art platforms, and the art gallery 80m2 are having a decentralized politic by looking at the art production in other Peruvian regions.

Posted by Giuliana Borea – PhD Candidate in Anthropology at NYU

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