Putting my Ducks in Line

Comida de Santo, Itaparica
Comida de Santo, Itaparica - Late Summer 2008

I pulled up this photo along with other work shot during my first excursion to Brazil (July-November 2008), as an aid in remembering where I have been-to prepare me for my return, and the next steps I need to take with my research. Officially, my trip begins three weeks from today.

I will cover new geographic turf traveling close to the equator and the mouth of the Amazon in Maranhão state, south to Pernambuco, Bahia, (site of past field work) and the Mercado Madrueira in the Rio suburbs to observe one of largest sacred wholesale markets for foodstuffs, ephemera and religious objects. While in Bahia I will speak to and work with new and old colleagues as well as head inland to continue my observation of ‘A Festa da Boa Morte,’ The Festival of the Good Death in Cachoeira. I am anxious to engage with new populations and regions unfamiliar to me. Last week I received a warm welcome via email from my four mentors in Bahia; all professors at UFBa and/or CEAO in Anthro and History. Those former contacts have been quite helpful in the past and collectively they will all be invaluable to open the doorways, (giving Ogum his due) in these new locales. This is my first, ‘semi-official’ post since it has be generated in country, US of A and not in Brazil. Hello to all of my fellow Tinker travelers. What I have read so far makes it sound as though we are all in for fruitful and stimulating periods in our respective areas. Vai bem, walk softly and listen fully. Olé, Scott

Posted by Scott Barton – PhD in Food Studies at NYU

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ABD-Food Studies PhD candidate NYU African Diaspora foodways Sacred and profane cookery black culture music-folkloric, jazz, samba, mambo, tango & on-and-on... photo, film

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