Reinforcing the Cultural Sector in the Public Administration: Integration through Culture

Culture had not been an important axis in the Peruvian public administration, neither in the central government nor in the district halls. In the public administration, culture generally has been part of the touristic or educational sector. Only in 2010, it was created the Ministry of Culture. Previously the National Institute of Culture depended on the Ministry of Education. In this same direction, the current government of Susana Villaran is reinforcing the cultural area of Lima´s Municipality.

Borrea - Peru - Cultura Viva poster

On June 19th, Lima’s City Hall launched its program “Cultura Viva para la Nueva Lima”. In an interview with Victor Vich, consultant of Lima’s Municipality, he explained me the new perspective of the local government and this particular project. Vich points out two main problems. First, Lima’s cultural scenario is fragmented. One district hall does not know what the other does. Second, for long time culture has been reduced to a schedule of activities. Therefore, “Cultura Viva” is a program that looks to reinforce the local production; create cultural networks by promoting the circulation of cultural proposals to other districts; and locate the cultural production and consumption as a citizen right.  For this program, five districts have been selected and local promoters have worked together to discuss the project. The multiple proposals and activities take place for three Sundays in each district with a final big event (see poster at left).

Borrea - Peru - Encuentro Nacional de Cultura

Finally, it is possible that this new place of culture in the city is due to a reinforcement of the cultural managerial sector and the multiple seminars that are taking place to create and improve cultural policies. In this regard, an important event is the next coming “Encuentro Nacional de Cultura.”

Posted by Giuliana Borea – PhD Candidate in Anthropology at NYU

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