NYU FRN Institute on Afro-Latino History and Culture

NYU Professor Juan Flores convening the FRN Summer Seminar

Greetings from sunny Puerto Rico! Just a note to express my gratitude for a wonderful week of productive and thought-provoking discussion and for the pleasure of meeting all the participants at the 2011 NYU Summer Institute. Even though we come from all walks of life and different disciplines, I felt the camaraderie and respect towards each other that filled the room where we met made all the difference in the seminar’s success. From literature, music, and history to sociology, anthropology, health, and more, our shared experiences came together in discussing issues related to Afro-Latino History and Culture in ways that I never imagined possible.

To Dr. Juan Flores, thank you so much for leading the way and providing such a wealth of information that we can easily adopt in our own teaching and research. From the very beginning I mentioned that one of the important reasons for signing up for the seminar was your participation as convener. By the end of the week, I was again reaffirmed in my respect and admiration for you, your work, and your generosity. The guest speakers you invited (Willie Perdomo and Alba Mota) as well as our wonderful visit to the Schomburg Center (with a privileged guided tour/discussion by Miriam Jimenez) were an added bonus to the experience. I also reiterate the entire group’s petition that we have another seminar that treats the same subject, a Part II of sorts. One week just wasn’t enough; so much more can be read, discussed, visited, and appreciated.

Posted by Prof. Carmen Haydee Rivera, University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras

Professor Carmen Haydee Rivera was a participant in the New York University Faculty Resource Network Summer Institute on Afro-Latino History and Culture held in June 2011. The Institute was moderated by NYU Professor Juan Flores. The FRN Institute was co-sponsored by the FRN and NYU CLACS.

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