Hannah, Dora Ima, Boliviamanta Rimanku

Rimasun - CMladic - Potosi - Bolivia
View of Potosí, Bolivia. © Christine Mladic 2007

Dora kan Boliviamanta, ichaqa tiyashan Argentinapi.  Kunan pacha, pay kashan Nueva Yorkpi, familianta watukuspa.  Dora kan Hannahq tiaq maman.  Hannah paqariran, wiñaran ima, Nueva Yorkpi.  Pay estudiashan runasimita Quechua Nightpi.  Quechua Night kan huk evento, sapa killan, runakuna huñunakunku NYUpi runasimi rimanapaq.  Chaypi, Hannah yachashan runasimita.  Chhaynapi, kay audiopi, Hannah, Dora ima, rimayta atinku runasimipi.

Dora nació en Bolivia pero vive en Argentina. En estos momentos, ella se encuentra en Nueva York visitando sus familiares. Dora es madre de la tia de Hannah. Hannah nació y creció en Nueva York. Ella estudia Quechua cuando assiste a los eventos de Quechua night. Quechua Night es un evento mensual donde los miembros del público, estudiantes y hablantes de Quechua se juntan para hablar en Quechua. Ahí Hannah ha aprendido como a hablar en Quechua. Así, Hannah y Dora pueden tener esta conversación en Quechua.

Dora is from Bolivia, but she currently lives in Argentina.  At this moment, she is in New York visiting family.  Dora is Hannah’s aunt’s mother.  Hannah was born and raised in New York.  She studies Quechua at CLACS’ Quechua Night events.  Quechua Night is a monthly event series in which speakers and learners of Quechua are invited to practice the language together.  By attending these events, Hannah has learned the basics of Quechua, and was able to have this conversation with her aunt.

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4 thoughts on “Hannah, Dora Ima, Boliviamanta Rimanku

  1. Anchata gustawarqan kay podcastninchikmi. Ideed, there’s something I’d like to point out: The ronunciation of letter -q in coda position is never /q/ but an alophone, in Souther Quechua this alophone is /χ/ , otherwise it sounds really weird. You all keep doing more podcast 🙂

  2. Did I hear Dora right?

    “qanchis pachak watayuq kani”

    She is 170 years old?!! That can’t be right..

  3. Thank you for all of your comments! As students of the language, we appreciate all help and guidance!

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