Miryam Quinche Huarmi Maquimanta Parlan

COPYRIGHT - Michelle Cornejo - Huarmi Maqui - Peguche, Otavalo, Ecuador
Huarmi Maqui, Peguche, Ecuador. Copyright © Michelle Cornejo 2011.

Michelle Cornejo - Huarmi Maqui - Peguche, EcuadorAgostopi iskay waranqa chunka hukniyoq watapi, Cristina, Charlie ima, Naciones Unidasman indigena ayllukunamanta Internacional p’unchaypaq riranku. Haqaypi, paykuna Miryam Quinche Lenata reqsiranku. Miryam Peguche llaqtamanta kan, Otavaloneqpi Ecuadorpi. Miryam, Maman ima, warmikunamanta colectivopi llank’ayta qallariranku. Chay colectivoq sutin “Huarmi Maqui.” Chaypi, warmikuna aswan allin kawsaypaq llank’akushanku. Qankuna atinkichis watukuyta chay Peguchepi warmikunata. Sichus qankuna paykunata contactayta munankichisman, qhelqaychis: huarmimaqui [arroba] hotmail.com.

Michelle Cornejo - Huarmi Maqui 5 - Peguche, EcuadorEn Agosto 2011, Cristina y Charlie fueron a las Naciones Unidas para el Día Internacional de Pueblos Indígenas. Allí, ellos conocieron a Miryam Quinche Lena. Miryam es de Peguche, un pueblo cerca de Otavalo, Ecuador. Miryam y su mamá fundaron un colectivo de mujeres que se llama “Huarmi Maqui,” o Mano de Mujer. A través de este proyecto, mujeres pueden conseguir trabajo y mejorar la calidad de sus vidas. Todos son bienvenidos a visitar a las mujeres del colectivo en Peguche. Si usted tiene interés en contactar el colectivo, escriba a: huarmimaqui [arroba] hotmail.com.

Michelle Cornejo - Huarmi Maqui 3 - Peguche, EcuadorIn August of 2011, Christine and Charlie attended events at the United Nations in honor of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. There, they met Miryam Quinche Lena, who had traveled from her home town of Peguche, near Otavalo, Ecuador. Miryam and her mother are the founders of a women’s collective which they have named “Huarmi Maqui,” or Woman’s Hand. By participating in this collective, women work to create opportunities that positively impact their lives. Anyone can visit the women of the Huarmi Maqui in Peguche. If you are interested, email: huarmimaqui [at] hotmail.com.

Michelle Cornejo - Huarmi Maqui 6 - Peguche, EcuadorAll images copyright © Michelle Cornejo 2011 taken during the years 2003-2008. Michelle’s first film camera was given to her at the age of 6 and ever since then, she has been documenting almost everything she encounters. Her work consists mainly of travel and documentary photography but also includes nature, portraits and conceptual work. Being raised between the states and Ecuador injected her with the travel bug from an early age, and this has led her to explore places such as Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, England, Peru, Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. She is currently based in Durham, North Carolina. Visit Michelle Cornejo Photography

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