CLACS Kicks Off Spring Colloquium on Latin American Independence in the Age of Revolution

CLACS Colloquium - Latin American Independence in the Age of RevolutionOn Monday, CLACS hosted the first event of the Spring 2012 Research Colloquium seriesRonald Briggs, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Latin American Cultures at Barnard College, presented on “Independence Pedagogy and the Cult of the Perfect Book.”  The event was well attended, and was a strong kick-off to the spring series!

Each semester, CLACS hosts a Research Colloquium series that combines a graduate level course with a speaker series. The course is co-taught by faculty of distinct disciplines, bringing together different academic fields of study. CLACS Director Sinclair Thomson (NYU History) and Sibylle Fischer (NYU Spanish) are teaching the course this spring.

The spring 2012 Research Colloquium theme is “Latin American Independence in the Age of Revolution.” The series offers fresh new perspectives on Latin American independence, which is the subject of bicentennial commemorations around the region. Leading scholars from Latin America, the U.S., and Europe will tackle crucial questions such as: Are the roots of Latin American independence internal, or were they derived from the political crisis on the Iberian peninsula? Did nationalism produce or stem from the wars with colonial powers? What roles did subaltern actors play in the revolutions? Were the revolutions “democratic”? What was the role of slavery and anti-slavery? Was there an Enlightenment culture in the region?

The series commences on alternating Mondays from 6:00 – 8:00pm. Here is a list of upcoming events:

Monday, March 5th: Los ‘indios esclavos’ y la crisis del orden colonial de Charcas a Cádiz – Presenter: Rossana Barragán
Monday, March 19th: Anti-slavery and the Origins of ‘Human Rights’ – Presenter: Robin Blackburn
Monday, March 26th: Une et Indivisible? Transcolonial Black Politics in the Wake of the Haitian Revolution – Presenter: Sara Johnson
Monday, April 9th: Agents of Empire: Subaltern Politics in the Age of Revolution – Presenter: Marcela Echeverri
Monday, April 16th: Disputing Bolivar’s Body, Disputing the Nation: Uses of Bolivarism in Contemporary Venezuela – Presenter: Luis Duno-Gottberg

The CLACS Research Colloquium series invites top scholars from around the world to present current research to the NYU community as well as the general public. These cutting-edge themed colloquium series and conferences are the result of faculty working groups.

Published by Von Diaz

Von Diaz is a writer and radio producer based in New York City. She is a self-taught cook who explores Puerto Rican food, culture, and identity through memoir and multimedia. Her work has been featured on NPR, American Public Media, StoryCorps, WNYC, PRI’s The World, BuzzFeed, Colorlines, and Feet in 2 Worlds.

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