Llama T’inkay Chawaytiripi

Amanda Smith - Peru - CargaChawaytiri huch’uy llaqta P’isaqneqpi, Perupi kashan. Chaypi agostopi llama t’inkayta ruwan. Ima llama t’inkay. Imarayku Andino runapaq Pachamama agosto killapas ima ancha munasqa kanku. Amanda Smith chaymantataq rimaykuwanchis.

Amanda Smith - Peru - ChichitaChawaytiri es un pequeño poblado cerca de Pisac, Perú. En agosto se celebra un festival de llamas llamado llama t’inkay. ¿Qué es llama t’inkay? ¿Por qué la Madre Tierra y el mes de agosto son importantes en el mundo andino? Amanda Smith nos habla de estos temas.

Amanda Smith - Peru - LlamaChawaytiri is a small town near Pisac, Peru. In August, they celebrate a llama festival called llama t’inkay. What is llama t’inkay? Why are Mother Earth and the month of August important in the Andean World? Amanda Smith talks with us about these topics.

All photos courtesy of Amanda Smith, PhD Candidate at Johns Hopkins University.

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2 thoughts on “Llama T’inkay Chawaytiripi

  1. Thank you for these podcasts.They are great. I would like have more podcast to learn more. Thank you.

  2. Kay ‘Rimasun’ nisqa qelqaynakunapi napaykuyta apachini Amandapaq, allintan rimasqanki runasimitaqa panachay, noqaqa Pisaqmantan kani.
    Wow! your runasimi is impressive and your accent is as clean as can be, well done!

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