Vicente Llimpinmanta Niwashanku

Rimasun - Vicente QosqopiMaskaspa arteta Cuscopi, estudiantekuna NYUmanta Charlie Uruchima, Emily Thompson, ima, reqsinakuranku runasimita rimaq Vicente Huamán Pumahuallccanwan llank’aspa galerianpi. Kay audiopi, Vicente niwashanku sumaqmi llimpinmanta barrio San Blasneqpi.

Vicente - QosqoBuscando arte en Cusco, estudiantes de NYU Charlie Uruchima y Emily Thompson conocieron al Quechua hablante y artista Vicente Huamán Pumahuallccan trabajando en su estudio de arte. En este audio, Vicente habla con nosotros sobre sus bellas pinturas desde el barrio de San Blas.

Vicente - PinturaLooking for art in Cusco, NYU students Charlie Uruchima and Emily Thompson met Quechua speaker and artist Vicente Huamán Pumahuallccan working in his gallery. In this podcast, Vicente talks to us about his beautiful paintings in the neighborhood of San Blas.

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One thought on “Vicente Llimpinmanta Niwashanku

  1. This is a wonderful place to improve my quechua speaking ability. Over the last few years I have struggled by learning a little of the language when I have had the time. Now that I am retired, I have devoted a major portion of my time to taking a giant leap on behalf of runasimita. Although I cannot easily get to New York, this gives me the opportunity to move forward with ease. Thank you

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