After Hurricane Sandy: CLACS Closed & Events Canceled

This has been a really intense few days for NYU, New York City, and the entire North East of the U.S. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we are now beginning to understand how hard we were hit.

For our students seeking assistance and/or updates, NYU has sent various email messages over the last few days and has established a web page (and information hotline at 212.998.1220) with updates and lists of services being offered to those in need of help. If you find yourself without power and/or water, please note that the university is keeping open the Kimmel Center and the first floor of the Bobst Library for students. There, phones/computers can be recharged, and there is access to bathrooms and food.

Due to complications related to the storm, NYU is closed until Saturday, November 3rd. CLACS offices will also remain closed until Monday, November 5th, and all events planned for this week (Nov. 1 – Nov. 3) are canceled. Some events will be rescheduled to another date, and more information on that will be provided as we have it. Restoration of power may take days, so for now the CLACS Facebook page and CLACS Twitter page is the best way to receive current updates.

We hope that everyone impacted by Hurricane Sandy will have a safe and speedy recovery, and we look forward to getting up and running next week! Be well, and Happy Halloween / Feliz Día de los Muertos!

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