Quechua Language Courses 2014

Interested in Latin America? Curious about indigenous cultures? Care about struggles over rights to culture and language?
Join an exciting community of Quechua speakers by enrolling in Quechua language courses offered by the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at NYU.

A Quechua class with Manuelcha Prado.
A Quechua class with Manuelcha Prado.

Over 10 million people speak these indigenous languages in the Andean region of South America — including Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, as well as parts of Chile, Argentina, and Colombia — as well as in communities around the world, including right here in New York City. The status of indigenous languages is a primary concern in the context of the democratic transitions that are occurring all across Latin America. In countries such as Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru, indigenous communities are actively engaged in debates about state formation, national cultures, education and legal systems, and the meaning of citizenship. Language rights are at the heart of these debates. By studying Quechua, you will contribute to indigenous language recovery and visibility, and you’ll gain unique insight into these dynamic cultural, social, and political processes.

Moreover, studying Quechua opens a window onto alternative ways of thinking about social worlds, about space and time, family, and humans’ relationship with the natural world. Quechua is recommended for students anticipating travel to the Andean region, those interested in language and linguistics, and those interested in indigenous literatures and cultures. Students who satisfactorily complete introductory Quechua will be well-prepared for intensive summer study at one of many summer study abroad programs in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia that will put them in closer contact with the indigenous world.

In addition to language courses, CLACS hosts lively Quechua community and conversation nights, online language resources, a Quechua podcast program (“Rimasun”), and a growing Quechua resource library.

Quechua Courses are open to undergraduate and graduate students, beginner and intermediate level courses available each semester.

For more information visit http://www.clacs.as.nyu.edu or email clacs.info@nyu.edu

Watch the video La Universidad de Nueva York ofrece clases del idioma indígena Quechua by Univideo 41.

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