Welcome Back! Ready for an Exciting Spring?

Welcome back to all CLACS Students!

winter meets spring

This semester CLACS will offer unique and interesting courses, with topics ranging from the sociology of the image to the construction of the nation-state and the emergence of citizenships in Latin America and the Caribbean. We’ll explore topics from international human rights to ethnographic methods and political science.

The Spring 2014 Interdisciplinary Seminar will be taught by Professor Ada Ferrer and Sibylle M. Fischer and will be dedicated to the culture and history of the Caribbean islands. The class will examine slavery and the struggles against it, colonialism and independence movements, U.S. occupations, dictatorships, and revolutionary movements, the massive growth of a Caribbean diaspora, and the transformation of the Caribbean islands into so many tourist destinations. As part of the Seminar, the Center will offer a Colloquium Series entitled Whither the Caribbean? that will take place at KJCC Auditorium.  A number of important scholars from across the hemisphere to guest lecture, including Robin Derby on March 31 and Stephan Palmié on May 5.

Students will also have the opportunity to take classes of Quechua at different levels, and to celebrate Quechua languages and cultures of South America through the Quechua Conversation Nights. This semester CLACS students will also have the chance of taking the course Portuguese for Spanish Speakers.

The calendar will be rich in events open to the public. NACLA and CLACS will collaborate on  writing workshops throughout the semester, the first of which is Shaping Academic Work for a Wider Audience, taking place on February 7th here at CLACS.

CLACS is hosting several conferences. The first, Politics of the Popular in Latin America (March 7) examines the rise of populism and politics from below. On April 3rd and 4th, an international two-day conference American (Inter)Dependencies: New Perspectives on Capitalism and Empire, 1898-1959, will bring together scholars of the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean to explore the multidirectional processes, reciprocal impacts, and global dimensions of inter-American economic relations.

The Graduate Association of Latin American Studies is organizing a photographic exhibition that will take place at the Stovall Gallery, 8th floor of the Kimmel Center, from April 7 to May 4, 2014. The title is The Civil War and Its Aftermath: Stories of El Salvador, and it will be accompanied by a film series, a symposium and the publication of a digital catalog written in collaboration with graduate students.

Mark your calendars for the coming CLACS Spring programming!

Posted by Camilla Querin – MA Candidate at CLACS / Museum Studies

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