Iskay Willaykunata Willariwanchik Gladys Camacho

Rimasun Cochabamba Bolivia linguist andean tales quechua condor zorro clacs nyuGladys Camacho kan lingüista Cochabambamanta Boliviamanta. Kay podcastpi iskay andino ñisqa willaykunata willariwanchik. Ñawpaq willaypiqa, Gladys iskay llulla wawakunamantawan unqusqa mamankumantawan willariqanchik. Qhipan willaypiqa, Gladys atuqmantawan kunturmantawan willariwanchik.

Gladys Camacho es una lingüista boliviana de Cochabamba. En este podcast nos relata dos cuentos clásicos andinos. En el primer cuento nos relata sobre dos hijos mentirosos y su madre enferma. Seguidamente nos relata un cuento sobre el zorro y el cóndor.

Gladys Camacho is a linguist from Cochabamba, Bolivia. In this podcast she tells us two classic Andean stories. The first is a dramatic tale about two sons who lie to their sick mother and suffer the consequences. The second story is about the adventure of a condor and a fox.

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Published by Doris Loayza (Wayta Warmi)

I was born in Llamellin-Ancash, Peru, and live in New York City and Bloomington, Indiana. I'm a Quechua and Spanish language teacher. I teach Spanish at Harmony School, a progressive private school, and teach Quechua at Colorado Univeristy-Boulder. I speak variants of Quechua from the Central and Southern regions of Perú. In 2017 I learned basic Lakota language in North Dakota! Because my connection to the Quechua language, I'm very curious to learn other indigenous languages.

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