The Cinema of Venezuela 1995-2015: a screening and conversation about Venezuelan films.

Next Monday, October 5th is about Venezuelan films. At 6:00 p.m.  the King Juan Carlos Center’s auditorium will screen four short independent films (Nostalgia; La mula muerta, Colmillo, I Want to Shine) that address the everyday life, dreams, and stories of the people of the South American country. The event hopes to give an insight about the new routes and styles that are being taken by the Venezuelan film industry. At the end of the screening there will be a conversation with Haydeé Chavero González, Chair at the Cinema and Communications Department in Universidad Central de Venezuela.

The following are the four shorts that are going to be screened along with their descriptions and trailers.

. Gustavo Rondón / 18 min / Venezuela / 2010
Thomas, a man in his thirties looks at the deep plain of los “Llanos”, accompanied by his young son Alberto, after the sudden death of his wife. In his first night alone, he sits in the yard to get drunk and mourn. The next mornings the boys hunger awaken him. With the embarrassment of the novelty, the parent uses the instinct to care for his child. But sadness lurks in the solitude of his home. Night after night he evades; he starts drinking; he drowns out his feelings, with alcohol and anxiety in his body, he decides to be with his wife.

LA MULA MUERTA.  Rafael Velásquez / 12 min / Venezuela / 2011
Beatriz is a cheerful young woman involved in an affair with her boss, Nicolas, a married man. Although their meetings are brief and often of a sexual nature, Beatriz wants to bring Nicholas to a more committed and less casual relationship; her persistence and originality wins. Laura, the wife of Nicolas, has hired someone to follow them in their affair and take compromising photos of them. When Laura challenges Beatriz makes an unusual request: she wants the economic benefits she received before. Beatriz agrees, but the confrontation produces an unexpected consequence.

COLMILLO. Albi Abreu / 19 min / Venezuela / 2010
An indomitable stray dog takes over the territory from a beggar, Mateo, who is immersed in solitude. Mateo does not understand how he has been displaced by a dog and is determined to regain his place at any cost. What seemed simple to Mateo ends up in a great battle. Solitude and the companionship will play a role in the battle. Fang is a history of reflection on how human beings are willing to endure in order not to be alone.

I WANNA SHINE. Prakriti Maduro / 8 min / Venezuela / 2011
I Wanna Shine tells the story of a set of objects lying in a film warehouse. When the manager leaves, these objects come alive. An old film camera, is the director of a clandestine set, flashlights, microphones, cables, lamps and tripods are the actors, dancers, singers, and acrobats in the movie. This “stop-motion” short, has participated in 5 international festivals, and won the Best Animation prize at the Chort’s Film Festival in 2010.

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