Learn Quechua and Haitian Kreyòl at CLACS this Fall!

CLACS is proud to offer beginner and intermediate classes in Quechua and Haitian Kreyòl to undergraduate and graduate students from NYU, Columbia University,  and Lehman College this Fall semester!

These two vibrant languages are spoken widely, both in their respective diasporas, and in New York and other cities in the United States. As a gateway to new understanding and points of view, we think learning these important indigenous languages is a celebration of the diversity of the Americas. Language is a form of understanding and relating to the world and through the study of a non-European language, we think we can all better share in these diverse cultural perspectives!

Keep reading to learn more about Quechua and Haitian Kreyòl:


Quechua is an Andean indigenous language spoken by over 10 million people and is designated a priority language by the Department of Education. Including the variant Kichwa (or Quichwa), Quechua is the most widely spoken native american language in the Americas. Also known as runa simi (“people’s language”), it is spoken in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, with the largest number of native speakers in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru.

Quechua courses through CLACS will satisfy both the language requirement of the undergraduate Latin American Studies major, and of the College of Arts of Sciences and Graduate School language requirements. To learn more about the class and hear from previous students, see here. Courses currently being taught include Quechua I, II and III.


Haitian Kreyòl is one of Haiti’s two official languages. The majority of the population in Haiti speaks Kreyòl, and it is widely spoken in the Haitian diaspora, which has a strong presence in New York and other cities in the United States. Worldwide, more than 10 million people speak Kreyòl and it is at the heart of Haitian musical and literary traditions.

As a part of the Indigenous and Diasporic Language Consortium, students at New York University, Columbia University and Lehman College can enroll in Kreyòl. Elementary Haitian Kreyòl I and II are currently open this semester. Please see the current course schedule.

These courses are now open to students and follow these links for more on our course listings for Haitian Kreyòl and Quechua . Sign up today!

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