CLACS Antiracist Resources

At CLACS we stand in solidarity with the plight of Black, Afro-Descendants, and Afro-Indigenous communities, as well as with Indigenous People, and Immigrants, and against racism, xenophobia, and abuse of any kind. Through the years, we have created promoted scholarship, initiatives and programming designed to address the historical, cultural, and institutional roots of these issues and open the academic space to these conversations. As part of our commitment to continue promoting conversations and offering educational resources that would help further the understanding our current state of affairs, we want to share in one place some of those events held over the years.


A Conversation with the Creator of Djatawo, Haiti’s First Comic Book Superhero

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Held in October 27, 2015, this intimate conversation and live drawing sessions with Anthony Louis-Jeune (Aton), as part of our Kreyòl at NYU program, highlighted the inspiration and creative process behind the genesis of Djatawo, the first Haitian comic book hero.

CUBANGOLA: Rethinking the 1975 African-Cuban War

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Held in November 6, 2015, this conference offered a remarkable look at the Cuban intervention in the Angola civil war and the instances of south to south collaboration in the confrontation against Apartheid in Africa.


Mother Tongues United: The Importance of the Mother Tongue in Children’s Literature in the Caribbean

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In this edition of Mother Tongues United held in October 17, 2016, an initiative of the Haitian Creole Language Institute of New York, CLACS hosted authors and scholars of  historically  undervalued Creole languages of the Caribbean in conversation about educational efforts and initiatives to demystify and decolonize them.

Nana Dijo: Irresolute Radiography of Black Consciousness

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On January 30, 2017, CLACS presented a film screening and Q&A with Afro Mexican hip hop artist and filmmaker Bocafloja. The film Nana Dijo, is a cartography of the experience of Afro Descendants in the Americas narrated from first hand experiences.


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A presentation on October 23, 2017 about the life and work of Afro Cuban artist Belkis Ayón inspired by the retrospective hosted at El Museo del Barrio. The panel organized by NYU IFA’s Edward Sullivan, counted with a panel of scholars, artists and collectors of her art.


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This was an extraordinary symposium of artists and scholars discussing the traveling exhibit by the same name held on February 26, 2018. The exhibit was inspired by the life and work of Jose Antonio Aponte’s, the Cuban freed slave, revolutionary and anti-racist icon,  book of paintings.

Argentine & Black: A Conversation with Fidel Nadal

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An insightful conversation with Argentine Punk Rock Pioneer/Reggae Singer/Black Activist Fidel Nadal, about his life growing up black in the South American country. This event was held on March 18, 2018 at CUNY BMCC, in collaboration with the Center for Ethnic Studies, organized and moderated by Professor Judith Anderson.

Nou Lèd: Men Nou La? – Colorism in Haiti & the Haitian Diaspora

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CLACS’s Kreyol at NYU program instructor Wynnie Lamour, organized and moderated a timely conversation about the historical roots and effects of colorism in Haiti and its communities abroad. It featured a film screening and panel conversation with filmmakers Jessica Pierre and Francesca Andre. The event was held on April 26, 2018


Illuminated Legacy: Celebrating 500 Years of African and Native Peoples’ Anti-Colonial Unity

Illuminated Legacy was a celebration of solidarity against colonialism since the time of the European encounter in the Americas. This event, held on May 15, 2018, featured renowned Afro-Indigenous Garífuna and Native American leaders/activists Miriam Miranda and Tom Goldtooth in conversation about the effects of colonialism, extractivism, and hemispheric solidarity over five centuries.


Farming While Black: Soul Fire Farm’s Practical Guide to Liberation on the Land

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A conversation and book presentation by Soul Fire Farm’s co-founder, educator, activist, and author, Leah Penniman held on February 6, 2019. Farming While Black is a manual for African-heritage people ready to reclaim their rightful place of dignified agency in the food system. “To farm while Black is an act of defiance against white supremacy and a means to honor the agricultural ingenuity of our ancestors.”


Silences & Echoes in the Research of Racial Classifications in Brazil, Perú, and the US

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Presented on November 5, 2019 by CLACS Visiting Scholar Camila Daniel as part of the Racisms in Comparative Perspective Working Group organized by Prof. Pamela Calla, the presentation centered on the the challenges of studying race from a transnational approach.


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