5th Annual May Sumak Film Festival Goes Virtual & Starts Today

The 5th annual May Sumak film festival starts today, Friday, October 16th, and will be held virtually this year over the next consecutive Fridays, on October 23rd and the 30th of 2020, all starting at 8 pm. As in previous years, the film screenings and conversations with filmmakers are organized under the overarching themes of Away Pacha (Weaving Time and Space),  Ayllukunamanta Yuyay (Memories of Community), and Sinchi Sapi (Strong Roots). The festival also includes trilingual Kichwa/Quechua community-oriented workshops called Laboratorio Runa Ñawi, designed to “promote the creation of audiovisual media in the Quechua-Kichwa-Andinx diaspora.” The first of these Laboratorios will be held on Monday, October 19th (en Español el Jueves, 23 de Octubre), and it will feature the Kichwa lens-based artist Eli Farinango.

The May Sumak Film Festival is totally free and features films in the Quechua/Kichwa language from the Andes region of South America, which includes the countries of Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, and Ecuador where it is spoken by over ten million people. The festival, which originated in 2015 as an initiative of the Quechua at NYU student group Runasimi Outreach Committee (ROC), is co-organized by CLACS alumni Sandy Enriquez and Charlie Uruchima and run in partnership with Kichwa Hatari with the support of The Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Life, the Quechua Collective of New York, The Quechua Project, and the Quwicha Zine Project. May Sumak seeks to engage Quechua/Kicwha-speaking communities in the Andes region as well as in the United States.  


Friday, Oct. 23: 

Theme: Ayllukunamanta Yuyay- Memories of Community 

These “films will speak to the continuity of relationships across migratory realities.”

Start- 8:00 PM EST

Shorts Program- 8:15 PM EST​:

Bronx Llaktamanta- 5 minute Ecuadorian/U.S film by Doris Loayza

Quechua in Seattle 6 minute Peruvian/U.S film by Chaska Rojas-Bottger

Manos Obreros 5 minute Bolivian/U.S film by Jennifer Albaracin

Kikinyari 8 minute Ecuadorian film by Sairy Tupac Gualan

Katary 18 minute Ecuadorian/Venezuelan film by Esteban Lema

Q&A with filmmakers Doris Loayza & Chaska Rojas-Bottger, moderated by the Quechua Collective- 9:00 PM EST

Friday, Oct. 30: 

Theme: Raíces Fuertes- Strong Roots

“Films that speak to the way we, as Quechua/Kichwa communities, relate to our roots through our struggles for land and belonging”

Start- 8:00 PM EST

Program- 8:15 PM EST​:

Sembradoras de Vida- 1 hour and 14 minute film by Diego Sarmiento & Alvaro Sarmiento

Q&A with filmmaker Diego Sarmiento, moderated by the Quechua Project- 9:35 PM EST:

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