Quechua Short-film by CLACS Alumna Featured on May Sumak’s Second Day

By Alek Barbour, CLACS MA Candidate

Coming off of its successful first day and workshop, the 5th annual May Sumak Quichwa film showcase continues this Friday, October 23rd. Starting at 8 pm ET and live-streamed through YouTube and on their website. The overarching theme for this Friday’s showcase is Ayllukunamata Yuyay (Memories of Community o Memorias de Comunidad). These films will “speak to the continuity of relationships across migratory realities.”

May Sumak began in 2015 through the Quechua at NYU student-led group, Runasimi Outreach Committee, and is currently co-organized by Sandy Enriquez and Charlie Uruchima who are both CLACS alumni. However, that will not be the only connection on October 23rd. One of the films featured this Friday is by another NYU CLACS alumna, Doris Loayza. Her film, Bronx Llaktamanta is scheduled to be the second film of the night. Doris will also participate in a Q&A forum, moderated by The Quechua Collective of New York, along with filmmaker Chaska Rojas-Bottger

Following Friday’s program on Monday, October 26th from 7 pm to 9 pm ET (Jueves 29 de oct., 7-9 pm ET en Español) the next Laboratorio workshop will be held. Warmis In Illustration: Decolonizing will discuss the importance of self-representation, empowering Indigenous voices, and provide an opportunity for the sharing of resources. The workshop will be led by Kichwa artist, Adina Farinango, and Kichwa digital creator, Paki Farinango. Space is limited for the Laboratorios and RSVP is required to attend. This completely free festival will continue through Friday, October 30th. 

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