CLACS Events this Week Spotlight Indigenous Film and Women Leaders of our Region

This week from October 27th through the 30th, CLACS will be featuring insightful programming meant to spotlight indigenous film resources and archival research, the healing power of the written word and women of the Caribbean telling their stories, and lessons learned of social change from Indigenous Lideresas in Colombia. All of these events are being held virtually and registration is required in order to access them. Please visit the event links to RSVP and for more information.

We start off on Tuesday, October 27th at 12pm with The Indigenous Media Collection: Collaboration and Inclusiveness, when Angela Carreño, Curator for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, will lead a conversation about the Indigenous Media Collection highlighting its history and future.

Also on October 27th starting at 6pm, artists and writers from the Guyanese diaspora will participate in the presentation of the book Liminal Spaces, led by its editor and Assistant Professor at NYU Tisch Graze Aneiza Ali. The book which is published as open access, “… spans diverse inter-generational perspectives – from those who leave Guyana, and those who are left – and seven seminal decades of Guyana’s history – from the 1950s to the present day – bringing the voices of women to the fore.” The presentation will be introduced and moderated by CLACS faculty member Professor Aisha Khan, and will feature contributors Maya Mackrandilal, Suchitra Mattai, and Maria del Pilar Kaladeen.

On Wednesday, October 28th at 6:30pm, the spotlight moves to Haiti and its diaspora, when Kreyòl at NYU instructor Wynnie Lamour will be moderating a workshop titled Guided Journaling & Meditation in Kreyòl with Linda Duverné. “Linda will concentrate on questions like ‘How would it feel to have what you want in this present moment?’ and ‘How can you tap into those feelings now instead of waiting for the next moment to appear?’ Linda’s work focuses on Spirituality & Mindfulness and she seeks to be a healing resource for the Haitian Diaspora and Black folks who are seeking healing from intergenerational trauma.”

On Thursday, October 29th at 6pm, we will be hosting the second series of workshop presentations titled Liderazgo indígena para el cambio social: lo que nos enseñan las lideresas indígenas de Colombia sobre cómo construir liderazgo as part of the Colombian Studies: Past, Present, and Futures initiative—a collaboration between scholars from New York University (NYU) and Universidad del Rosario (URosario) in Colombia. The presentation led by Prof. Sonia Ospina (NYU Wagner), will center on the central question about indigenous women leadership in Colombia and how they build that identity against the prejudices that push narratives to the contrary of their effectiveness.

On October 29th and the 30th (Thursday and Friday), the May Sumak Quichwa Film Showcase continues with its second session of the Laboratorio Runa Ñawi workshop and the last day of screenings, respectively. Great films and conversations on the overarching theme of Sinchi Sapi (Strong Roots).

One thought on “CLACS Events this Week Spotlight Indigenous Film and Women Leaders of our Region

  1. Love this! Is there someone I can get connected to at CLACS to discuss some questions I have in applying for a PhD at NYU – centering Kichwa/Quechua performance studies research.


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