From the Philippines to Flanders in the Ochavo Chapel, Puebla

Sitting in a spacious but sparsely furnished living room somewhere between Puebla and Cholula, chatting with three Germans, a Dutchman, and a Mexican, the subject of China came up. As we all marveled and prognosticated about its size, its culture, its history, and its role in the world economy, my thoughts turned to the 16thContinue reading “From the Philippines to Flanders in the Ochavo Chapel, Puebla”

El Puente Inconsciente

My days are beset by the overlapping and intertwining of the tres culturas[1]. El Museo Nacional de Antropolog√≠a: galleries teeming with the fearsome lithic remnants of the Toltec, Mexica[2], and Maya, arranged around a monumental interior courtyard not unlike the typical patio of a casa colonial, rendered in the clean geometries of the Mexican iterationContinue reading “El Puente Inconsciente”