The Megaproject: Friend or Foe?

There are many recurring themes in my experiences of Colombia: the fruits that continue to fascinate me; the awful rains from which many parts of the country are still recovering; and a few other topics that have raised interesting questions about Colombia’s development in the unique context of the armed conflict, but also within aContinue reading “The Megaproject: Friend or Foe?”

Diversity and Development

I’ve now been in Colombia for a few weeks and somewhat predictably, I love it more each day. I spent last week on the Caribbean coast, which struck me (as it has before) as being remarkably different from Bogotá, and therefore reminded me of one of the things I love most about Colombia – itsContinue reading “Diversity and Development”

Talking and Reading in Bogotá

I have frequently been amazed by how quickly things can happen in Latin America if you talk to enough people, and I seem to have been talking a lot since I arrived in Colombia last week. I’m lucky to have a few friends here in Bogotá, and upon my arrival they began asking questions aboutContinue reading “Talking and Reading in Bogotá”