Cuzco, Puno, and the End of the Garcia Presidency

On my last couple weeks in South America, I traveled from Cuzco to Sucre for an ethnohistory conference being held there.  Since I had time before the conference started, I decided to go through Puno to find out what was in their archive and then to go overland to Sucre from there.  The plan would have workedContinue reading “Cuzco, Puno, and the End of the Garcia Presidency”

A Festive Cusco

Cusco is an exciting place to be at the moment.  In addition to the sense of political possibility stoked by the significant election victory and the ongoing struggle in nearby Puno against invasive Canadian mining ventures, the city is celebrating its annual Corpus Christi and Inti Raymi days.  Together the days, and the weeks leadingContinue reading “A Festive Cusco”

Lima, Cusco, and the Peruvian Election

My research trip began with a bit of confusion.  While I planned to spend three weeks in Lima before traveling to Cusco, upon arrival I discovered that the national archives remained closed for upkeep beyond their supposed reopening date.  In response, I booked a flight to Cusco and then spent the next couple days readingContinue reading “Lima, Cusco, and the Peruvian Election”