Inside the CLACS Colloquium

On Monday, October 1st, CLACS hosted the first speaker of its Fall 2012 Colloquium Series: New Perspectives on Colonial Latin America and the Caribbean. The series welcomes scholars from universities around the country to discuss topics such as racial classification and mixture, codes of gender and sexuality, the rise of capitalism, subaltern insurgency, and theContinue reading “Inside the CLACS Colloquium”

How Do I Pick Just One?

Choosing a graduate school is a tough task that takes time and consideration. You should take time to weigh a number of factors when choosing a school. These might include the types of professors, the classes they teach, and their research interests, emphasis on theory vs practice, research opportunities, networking opportunities, reputation, the size ofContinue reading “How Do I Pick Just One?”

CLACS Featured Faculty: Ian Harnarine

Ian Harnarine, part of CLACS Affiliated Faculty and an alumnus of and professor in the Graduate Film Program at Tisch, started off as a student of Physics and Astronomy at York University, later earning an MA in Nuclear Physics from the University of Illinois at Chicago. At this point, Harnarine, who had always had aContinue reading “CLACS Featured Faculty: Ian Harnarine”