Last Weeks in Buenos Aires…

During my last weeks in Buenos Aires, I visited the Fundación Espigas’s Document Center on the History of the Visual Arts in Argentina and got the chance to interview Delia Cancela, one of my favorite artists from the Centro de Artes Visuales of the Instituto Di Tella. Argentina is unfortunately known for being rather negligentContinue reading “Last Weeks in Buenos Aires…”

Crossing Boundaries, Crossing Disciplines

My second interview during my stay in Buenos Aires was with Juan Stoppani, another relevant artist from the Instituto Di Tella who moved to Paris by the end of the sixties. As a member of Groupe TSE, created by Alfredo Arias, Stoppani started a career as a costume and stage designer. Throughout the seventies andContinue reading “Crossing Boundaries, Crossing Disciplines”

Buenos Aires – Paris – Buenos Aires

In my first year as a PhD student in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at NYU (2010-2011) I’ve developed a strong and consistent interest in Argentine writers and artists who emigrated to Paris in the sixties and early seventies. My examples draw from both well-known and obscure writers, including Alejandra Pizarnik, Edgardo Cozarinsky, Copi,Continue reading “Buenos Aires – Paris – Buenos Aires”