Ulises’ Odyssey, the Odyssey of Looking Back

Post by Juan Carlos Castillo, CLACS MA Candidate Forced by his governor’s megalomania, Ulysses had to abandon his land to fight the city of Troy. Thereafter, he spent 10 horrible years confronting the many monsters and storms that opposed his way home. But this was Homer’s story. Ulises –not Ulysses– passed through something similar, throughContinue reading “Ulises’ Odyssey, the Odyssey of Looking Back”

Meet Djatawo, the First Haitian Superhero

Post by Juan Carlos Castillo, CLACS MA Candidate The evening of October 27th, CLACS hosted the event “A Conversation with the Creator of Djatawo, Haiti’s First Comic Book Superhero,” with Anthony Louis-Jeune (Aton). This event was co-sponsored with the Haitian Creole Language Institute of New York. The intimate conversation with Aton held at CLACS room 404, which includedContinue reading “Meet Djatawo, the First Haitian Superhero”

Ada Ferrer’s Book Wins Prestigious Prize

Ada Ferrer, professor of history and Latin American and Caribbean studies at New York University, has been selected as the winner of the 2015 Frederick Douglass Book Prize for her book “Freedom’s Mirror: Cuba and Haiti in the Age of Revolution” (Cambridge University Press). The Douglass Prize was created jointly by Yale University’s Gilder LehrmanContinue reading “Ada Ferrer’s Book Wins Prestigious Prize”

#CubAngola40: Rethinking the 1975 Afro-Cuban War

In November of 1975 the Cuban government made a major military intervention in Angola’s independence process. Forty years later we gather to commemorate this historical moment and its consequences with #CubAngola40  – a daylong symposium at New York University. This event will be held at the King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center on Friday,Continue reading “#CubAngola40: Rethinking the 1975 Afro-Cuban War”

This week, Afro-Cuban topics are on the spotlight

On Monday, October 12, the CLACS Caribbean Initiative hosted María del Carmen Barcia and Oilda Hevia Lanier from Casa de Altos Estudios Fernando Ortiz at University of Havana, who presented the latest research that have been conducted on Cuba and the illegal slave trade to a gathering of 15 guests which made for an intimateContinue reading “This week, Afro-Cuban topics are on the spotlight”

CLACS faculty members excelled at the AHA book awards

Ada Ferrer and Greg Grandin were announced to be two of the American Historical Association (AHA) awards recipients for history books published in 2014. Greg Grandin, CLACS affiliated faculty, won the Albert J. Beveridge Award for his book The Empire of Necessity: Slavery, Freedom, and Deception in the New World.  This award is for the best bookContinue reading “CLACS faculty members excelled at the AHA book awards”

The Cinema of Venezuela 1995-2015: a screening and conversation about Venezuelan films.

Next Monday, October 5th is about Venezuelan films. At 6:00 p.m.  the King Juan Carlos Center’s auditorium will screen four short independent films (Nostalgia; La mula muerta, Colmillo, I Want to Shine) that address the everyday life, dreams, and stories of the people of the South American country. The event hopes to give an insight aboutContinue reading “The Cinema of Venezuela 1995-2015: a screening and conversation about Venezuelan films.”