Writing Workshops and Jewish Writers in Santiago de Chile

My final week in Chile, I walked into one of Pía Barros’s literary talleres (workshops) and to my surprise, an announcement had been posted on the white board calling for submissions for the 2011 libro objeto (book object).  When I began this research trip, with the hopes of learning more about the libros objetos, IContinue reading “Writing Workshops and Jewish Writers in Santiago de Chile”

Jewish Chilean Responses to Pinochet’s Dictatorship

This past week, I found myself lifting up a hidden door in the floor of Santiago, Chile’s Zionist youth organization Hashomer Hatzair.  Peering through the doorway at a dark basement below, I listened as Carlos Vasquez, a former member of the group, described how the room once hid books and people that the military regimeContinue reading “Jewish Chilean Responses to Pinochet’s Dictatorship”

Chilean Jewish Activism and Augusto Pinochet’s Military Regime

Greetings from Santiago de Chile!  This afternoon, I had the opportunity to meet freelance journalist and human rights activist Maxine Lowy.  Over a pot of green tea, Maxine discussed how Chile’s Jewish communities responded to General Augusto Pinochet’s military regime (1973-1990).  Gracefully, she approached what I realize, now, is an unfair question, “Why did Chilean JewsContinue reading “Chilean Jewish Activism and Augusto Pinochet’s Military Regime”