#YoSoyNicky: Anti-Discrimination Activism in the Dominican Republic

by Saudi Garcia (Department of Anthropology Doctoral Student) Activity buzzed around me in the nearly empty-space of the salon floor as I sat on a small stool and managed the phone line, cellphone and the locked glass door. At 10 AM, a call rang through the landline and on the other side, a young womanContinue reading “#YoSoyNicky: Anti-Discrimination Activism in the Dominican Republic”

Un dia en el Salon… (Photo Essay)

by Saudi Garcia (Department of Anthropology Doctoral Student) In my salon ethnography, I am trying to capture the sounds, the sights and the texture of life at Miss Rizos Salon. I spend an average of eight or nine hours a day in the salon helping with customer service by answering calls, booking appointments and servingContinue reading “Un dia en el Salon… (Photo Essay)”

Homecoming Rizado

My name is Saudi Garcia and I am a first year doctoral student in the NYU Department of Anthropology. My research interests lie at the intersection of race, gender, practice theory and digital media activism. This summer, I will be researching the natural hair movement in the Dominican Republic, historicizing and documenting the collection ofContinue reading “Homecoming Rizado”