& after the Obrigação has been made…

It appears that someone had to make an obrigação to Exú either the night before I first saw this detritus, Saturday or on Friday. The alcohol, the adiga formerly filled with farofa de dendê and the fact that it has been placed at a crossroads are the overt clues. Obviously, this particular ‘work’ that hadContinue reading “& after the Obrigação has been made…”

Riffing on Bean Fritters: Acarajé Stories

[“When did you begin? Who taught you? How long have you been working as an acarajé vendor? Do you also make Comida de Santo? Do you think your customers buy your acarajé because of quality? Or as reference to their heritage-memory-culture? Do they acknowledge belief in African religions such as Candomble? Is that their rationaleContinue reading “Riffing on Bean Fritters: Acarajé Stories”

Tira Gostos: to take or savour pleasure, salty tidbits or appetizers

Baianese: “Ele sempre fica um olho em acarajé”—‘He always has an eye out for acarajé’, overheard from a passing conversation as I walked to the bus stop. Entering the heart of Reconcavo cane fields and street vendors selling bananas, farinha, artisanal crafts and snacks appear in vast quantities. Fecundity abounds. Much as I never seeContinue reading “Tira Gostos: to take or savour pleasure, salty tidbits or appetizers”

Added Value, Contextualizing the ‘Bumba’

The addendum to the Bumba fest images from the last post is that in reality the discourse of race-class-ethnicity & miscegenation via the portal of colonialism presented as popular theatre offers many inroads for analysis. One key factor to consider is that this month long event, now stretched to nearly two months falls under theContinue reading “Added Value, Contextualizing the ‘Bumba’”

Lembrancas de Bumba-Meu-Boi

My first few hours in São Luis were spent here at the Bumba-Meu-Boi competition. Intially, I took it as pure camp and regional diversion until I realized the depth of this particular farcical melodramatic dance and music competition. The essential narrative is one of miscegnation, colonialism and power depicting the Indigenous, the colonizing Portuguese rancher,Continue reading “Lembrancas de Bumba-Meu-Boi”

NY > Salvador….and now São Luis do Maranhão

I arrived in Salvador five days ago. After finding a room for a the first days, I began my round of meetings with university professors at UFBa (Federal University of Brazil, Bahia campus) local contacts, mentors and friends to get a sense of how things in city and in my area were doing or hadContinue reading “NY > Salvador….and now São Luis do Maranhão”