Zapotec Women and Mexico City’s Museo Nacional de Antropologia

When I entered the “Oaxaca” area of Mexico City’s National Museum of Anthropology I was astounded by a large mural, painted in 1964 by Arturo Garcia Bustos.  Covering an entire wall, Garcia Bustos presents the viewer with a romantic portrayal of the market in Oaxaca’s Isthmus of Tehuantepec.  Filled with bustling activity, indigenous women (includingContinue reading “Zapotec Women and Mexico City’s Museo Nacional de Antropologia”

Reading Haven in Oaxaca City

From the moment I arrived in Oaxaca City I fell in love with this city’s beauty and friendliness.  Expecting to ground my research with interviews and archival research, I have quickly realized that the city itself has offered some of the most stimulating and fascinating experiences.  I came to Oaxaca in order to gain aContinue reading “Reading Haven in Oaxaca City”