During my last two weeks in Ecuador I was feeling somewhat lost with all the new information I had gathered.  One of my initial hypothesis as I prepared for my trip was that the proliferation of rights under the new constitution was based in individual rights, and a careful avoidance of collective rights.  I wasContinue reading “FINALIZING MY DISSERTATION TOPIC”


In considering the development of individual rights, especially anti-discrimination laws, we have to also look towards the social movements that reinforce these laws or in some case dismantle them. On July 28th, I attended a panel presentation on Afro-Ecuadorian feminism hosted by FLACSO University’s Women and Gender Studies program. The panel consisted of two presentersContinue reading “BLACK FEMINISM IN ECUADOR”

Participant Observation at Casa Trans

Over the past year I have been keeping track of the work of a group called Casa Trans (Trans House) based in Quito, Ecuador. Casa Trans is both a home for LGBT activists and a political and cultural center where events and meetings are held on a regular basis.  Providing safe and affordable housing toContinue reading “Participant Observation at Casa Trans”

Last Weeks in Ecuador

Upon my return to Quito from the conference in Cuenca I spent many days on the FLACSO campus (Latin American Social Sciences Federation).  FLACSO is an international graduate university system; there are five other campuses throughout Latin America.  There I met with many of the professors and students from the gender and sexuality studies department. Continue reading “Last Weeks in Ecuador”

First Week in Quito

I arrived in Quito on Friday June 17th and hit the ground running.  I met with professor Mercedes Prieto from the Gender Studies department of FLACSO university. Professor Mercedes Prieto was incredibly kind and generous to me.  We met for a little under an hour.  She listened carefully to what I had to say andContinue reading “First Week in Quito”