Q & A with CLACS Alum Eva Sanchis

Eva Sanchis graduated from the CLACS  joint journalism M.A. program in 2003. At CLACS, she focused her research on media portrayals of Latino communities, and overall media coverage of Latin America and the Caribbean. Since then, she continues to focus on these issues, and has published her work extensively, She recently relocated to London, whereContinue reading “Q & A with CLACS Alum Eva Sanchis”

CLACS and ILAS Collaborate on Intercultural Bilingual Education Conference

On October 6 and 7th, CLACS and ILAS at Columbia University co-hosted a conference at Teacher’s College on, “Reconstructing National Identities Conference – Intercultural Bilingual Education in Latin America.” The workshop topics ranged from the emergence of research and policy, international development and academic fields, and educational and social movements, and social and political actorsContinue reading “CLACS and ILAS Collaborate on Intercultural Bilingual Education Conference”

CLACS Alum Sarah Garland Reports on Education

Sarah Garland’s first book, Gangs of Garden City, tells the story of Latino former gang members living in Long Island, NY. This book, and her prolific work as a journalist, are both connected to work she did as a CLACS M.A. student. Sarah participated in the joint CLACS / Journalism MA program supported by aContinue reading “CLACS Alum Sarah Garland Reports on Education”

Documentary Film by CLACS Alum Featured at Uruguayan Film Festival

The documentary film Hit– co-written and co-directed by CLACS alum Adriana Loeff – takes a musical journey through the past five decades of Uruguayan culture and politics. Hit is showing in the Uruguayan Film Festival at NYU on Saturday, October 22nd at 8:00pm. All films are free and open to the public. Currently a producerContinue reading “Documentary Film by CLACS Alum Featured at Uruguayan Film Festival”

CLACS Alum Christine Weible at El Museo del Barrio

CLACS alum Christine Weible was recently awarded a one-year fellowship at El Museo del Barrio.   El Museo is a Latino cultural institution dedicated to promoting Latin American and Caribbean art and culture. Christine will be working in the education department where she will develop curriculum, organize events, and design and lead gallery tours in bothContinue reading “CLACS Alum Christine Weible at El Museo del Barrio”

CLACS Launches Rimasun – Quechua Language Podcasts

CLACS is bringing Quechua, the ancient indigenous language of over 10 million individuals in the Andean region, one step further into the 21st century.  Rimasun, a Quechua language podcast, is now available free on iTunes.  When you subscribe to the podcast, each installment will be automatically delivered to your iTunes. Through Rimasun on iTunes, youContinue reading “CLACS Launches Rimasun – Quechua Language Podcasts”

Patricio Navia Weighs in on How Latin Americans Vote

Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, Fidel and Raul Castro – these charismatic leaders are not the first to capture the hearts and minds of Latin Americans. The legacy of left-wing populist leaders in Latin America has been studies by many scholars, such as Francisco Panizza, who spoke on the topic last fall at NYU. Some scholars, includingContinue reading “Patricio Navia Weighs in on How Latin Americans Vote”

Bolivian Animated Film “Abuela Grillo” Highlights Water Issues

Abuela Grillo, an adorable – though equally tear-jerking – animated short-film, calls attention to Bolivia’s fraught history with water privatization.  The film is a collaboration between Bolivian animators and the Animation Workshop of Denmark.  The Abuela Grillo character is based on a myth from the Bolivian lowlands, but the film tells the story of aContinue reading “Bolivian Animated Film “Abuela Grillo” Highlights Water Issues”

CLACS K-12 Summer Institute on Colonial Latin America

Last summer, in the first ever collaboration between NYU CLACS, Yale PIER, and the Yale Council on Latin American and Iberian Studies, CLACS helped organized the Colonial Latin America Summer Institute for educators. The Institute is a series of intensive professional development sessions that serves as a continuing educational training tool for in-service and pre-serviceContinue reading “CLACS K-12 Summer Institute on Colonial Latin America”

Contemporary Racisms Explored in CLACS Fall Colloquium

Each semester, CLACS hosts a research colloquium, featuring diverse themes related to Latin America. The colloquium series pairs graduate level courses with a speaker series, and is often a platform for scholars to share new research. This fall, the CLACS Colloquium is titled “Contemporary Racisms in the Americas.” As stated on the CLACS website, “ThisContinue reading “Contemporary Racisms Explored in CLACS Fall Colloquium”