Congratulation to our 2011 CLACS M.A. Graduates!

Felicidades to our 2011 CLACS M.A. graduate students! Jan 2011 Franklin Steven Moreno Cristina Tamara Diaz-Carrera Lee Ann Evans Mariana Judith Pardes Omar Ramadan Karla Paola Reyes Ashley Georgia Roseberry Maria Piedrahita Trimble Rachel Elizabeth Brooks-Ames May 2011 Roque Daniel Planas Andrew Collin O’Reilly Rebecca Lynn Fisher Carla Campbell Sept 2011 Lance Steagall

Focus on Faculty: Sarah Sarzynski

Sarah Sarzynski is a CLACS Associated Professor Faculty Fellow, and began teaching at CLACS in fall 2010. She brings an eclectic and rigorous teaching style to the CLACS M.A. program, and is responsible for the Introduction to Latin American Studies core class, which explores the colonial history of Latin America and the Caribbean. Sarzynski’s academicContinue reading “Focus on Faculty: Sarah Sarzynski”

Barbara Weinstein awarded Silver Professorship

Barbara Weinstein, a CLACS affiliated Professor of History at NYU, was recently awarded the prestigious NYU Silver Professorship. Wienstein has taught at NYU since 2007, and previously taught at University of Maryland-College Park, the State University of New York at Stony Brook and Vanderbilt University. Her research has focused on 19th and 20th centruy Brazil,Continue reading “Barbara Weinstein awarded Silver Professorship”

CLACS Alum Participates in LASA Recent History and Memory Section

Memory, gender and Chilean social movements inspired Hillary Heiner’s research as a CLACS M.A. student in 2004. Through CLACS she was awarded a Tinker Field Research grant, which enabled her to do research in Chile. After completing her M.A., she decided to remain in Chile to pursue a PhD at the University of Chile. SheContinue reading “CLACS Alum Participates in LASA Recent History and Memory Section”

Student activists from the University of Puerto Rico speak at NYU

For almost a year now students from the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) have been organizing demonstrations in protest of education budget cuts in Puerto Rico.  In December of last year, the protests turned violent when student demonstrations, precipitated by a proposed $800 annual tuition increase, were met with violent repression. Police officers and privateContinue reading “Student activists from the University of Puerto Rico speak at NYU”

Runa Simi pantachiqkunamanta – About the Forgers of Runa Simi

Odi Gonzales is professor of Quechua at New York University. Below is his trilingual blog post, in Quechua, Spanish and English, about Runa Simi. Runa Simi is the original term used by indigenous people in the Andes for the language now known as Quechua. Runa Simi pantachiqkunamanta / Odi Gonzales Manaraq españolkuna chayamuqtinku, lluy tawantinsuyuContinue reading “Runa Simi pantachiqkunamanta – About the Forgers of Runa Simi”