What a Difference a City Makes: Conducting Research in São Paulo

I have always considered São Paulo my home away from home when in Brazil, though most of the time I’ve spent here has been for personal enjoyment or work purposes. I had never experienced the city as a researcher. Though after short exploratory research trip to “Sampa” in June, and now a week’s worth of recentContinue reading “What a Difference a City Makes: Conducting Research in São Paulo”

Em Greve / On Strike

As I write this, the Biblioteca Nacional is rounding out its third (and hopefully final) day of “Cultura em Greve,” or “Culture on Strike.” Since Monday, its doors and gates have been firmly locked to the outside public, with only a few security guards milling around the premises, often simply to answer questions of theContinue reading “Em Greve / On Strike”

What’s Old Is New Again

In the past decade, Brazil has undergone drastic economic transformations that have led to an increase in the size of its middle class. This segment of Brazil’s population has used its buying power as a means of self-definition, with mass consumerism as evidence of not only their existence, but also their success. Though new name-brandContinue reading “What’s Old Is New Again”

Desordem e Atraso? Challenges in Conducting Research in Rio

In Portuguese, the word “atrapalhação” means disorder, confusion, and disruption that can pose an impediment to accomplishing something. Unfortunately, it is also the word that most perfectly embodies my experiences in conducting research in Rio thus far. I am not working on a particularly controversial topic, nor am I attempting to study anything that occurredContinue reading “Desordem e Atraso? Challenges in Conducting Research in Rio”