Autonomy as Vocation: Public Administration in Catalunya

My posts from Barcelona, Spain have followed an escalating economic crisis, public protests and the ongoing reforms in public administration and spending that have accompanied them and to which they are a response. The financial crisis has affected each of the seventeen autonomous communities in Spain differently, as each have different economic bases, political regimes,Continue reading “Autonomy as Vocation: Public Administration in Catalunya”

Political Landscapes – Barcelona

My previous posts have been following the trajectories of the waves of social protest in Spain and Barcelona that continue to generate a massive media interest and public response. On June 19th, thousands of protesters gathered in the Placa Catalunya to demand greater fiscal and informational transparency of all levels of government. In Barcelona, theContinue reading “Political Landscapes – Barcelona”

Public Protests, Public Defense

Protesters across Spain have begun the work of cleaning the plazas they have occupied for weeks, and of extending the movements and national and international organizing ‘into the neighborhoods’, and into new kinds of forums. On the 16th of June, protesters in Barcelona assembled in the plaza San Jaume, in front of the Parliament ofContinue reading “Public Protests, Public Defense”

Protests Across Catalunya, Spain

Barcelona, Spain. As a cultural and linguistic anthropologist interested in language and law, it is an intense and fascinating place to be. I am here to do some preliminary research untangling of relationships between law and statistics–however before I describe parts of my research, I want to try to provide an image of the politicalContinue reading “Protests Across Catalunya, Spain”