Mayas and Chapinxs at Sundance

By William Ramírez (CLACS ’15) *Watch upcoming screenings of 500 Years at NYU on April 21st and April 23rd , 2018. It had only been about two months since I started my position as Visual Arts Engagement Coordinator at MACLA (Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana) in San José, California when I received the newsContinue reading “Mayas and Chapinxs at Sundance”

Quechua/Kichwa Film Showcase on the Road

From June 17th to the 19th the Quechua/Kichwa film showcase May Sumak! (How Beautiful!) is going on the road  to Washington, D.C. The showcase is a celebration of indigenous and community filmmaking in the Quechua languages spoken throughout the Andes and by immigrants in the United States. Created in 2015 by the CLACS student-led Runasimi Outreach CommitteeContinue reading “Quechua/Kichwa Film Showcase on the Road”

CLACS ’03 Alum’s Newest Book on the Lasting Immigrant Legacy of Mexico’s Cristero War

Written by CLACS MA Candidate Patrick Moreno-Covington In popular conceptions, immigrants are often thought of as poor, huddled masses yearning for the opportunity that awaits them in their new country. More recent images and ideas composed in times where immigration restrictions have increased focus on the sources of violence and poverty immigrants are often leaving.Continue reading “CLACS ’03 Alum’s Newest Book on the Lasting Immigrant Legacy of Mexico’s Cristero War”

CLACS Alumnus Publishes Book Debunking the Myths of the Old West

Written by CLACS Master’s Candidate Patrick Moreno-Covington Does historical reality influence popular narrative or can popular culture construct its own historical reality? In his newest book, Revolvers and Pistolas, Vaqueros and Caballeros: Debunking the Old West, CLACS alumni D.H. Figueredo challenges commonly held perceptions of the American West to reveal the fundamental role of MexicanContinue reading “CLACS Alumnus Publishes Book Debunking the Myths of the Old West”

CLACS Students’ Articles Appear on Digital News Networks

Three Latin American and Caribbean Studies and Journalism dual-degree students had articles published on major digital news outlets this week. Nicki Fleischner’s article, titled “Alternatives to Detention Leave Some Honduran Immigrants in ‘Schackles“ appears on the Latin America News Dispatch. In her piece, Fleischner follows a Garífuna woman living in the Bronx who is forced toContinue reading “CLACS Students’ Articles Appear on Digital News Networks”

CLACS Alumnus Roque Planas: 19 Reasons Latin Americans Come to the U.S. That Have Nothing to Do With the American Dream

  Roque Planas, a graduate from the CLACS MA program, is now an editor for the Huffington Post, as well as the Chair of the Board of Directors for the North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA). Planas recently wrote a piece for the Huffington Post that has become an internet sensation. In the articleContinue reading “CLACS Alumnus Roque Planas: 19 Reasons Latin Americans Come to the U.S. That Have Nothing to Do With the American Dream”

Congratulations to CLACS May 2013 MA Graduates!

The following graduates completed the CLACS MA program! We offer you our warmest congratulations, and best wishes as you embark on the next phases of your careers. Felicidades graduates, and please Keep in touch! Samantha Balaban, Melissa Benavidez, Marisa Cadena-Belski, Wendy Muse, Stephanie Noach, Kelly Stetter, and Emily Fjaellen Thompson.

Alumni Spotlight: Kristi Phillips

Kristi Phillips is a recent graduate of the CLACS MA Program who is now working as the Trip Coordinator with Central American Relief Efforts. She recently returned to the US, and shares her thoughts and experiences with us below. CLACS: Can you please provide a brief introduction about yourself? KP: I came to NYU after receivingContinue reading “Alumni Spotlight: Kristi Phillips”

Alumni Spotlight: Amanda Tollefson

Amanda Tollefson, a December 2012 CLACS alumnus, shares her thoughts and experiences with us below. Amanda is currently the Office Manager at the International Crisis Group in New York. CLACS: Can you please tell us about yourself? AT: I received my BA degrees in Spanish and the Comparative History of Ideas with a minor in European StudiesContinue reading “Alumni Spotlight: Amanda Tollefson”

Perspectives from the Field: Zamaly Diaz Lebron

On Friday, February 22nd, we had hosted another CLACS Alumn during our Perspectives from the Field Series, a speaker series that invites CLACS alumni from a wide range of professions to speak about their experiences since graduation, and how their studies at CLACS prepared them for the work that they are doing today. The topicsContinue reading “Perspectives from the Field: Zamaly Diaz Lebron”