New CLACS Working Group-Racisms in Comparative Perspective

This past semester (Spring, 2010), professors Pamela Calla (CLACS visiting scholar and Anthropologist) and Carmen Medeiros (CLACS Faculty Fellow and Anthropologist) started a new CLACs sponsored Working Group titled, “Racisms in Comparative Perspective”. I had the great pleasure of being a part of this innovative new group, as scholars from around the NYC area, andContinue reading “New CLACS Working Group-Racisms in Comparative Perspective”

Latin America News Dispatch (L.A.N.D)

L.A.N.D founders Andrew O’Reilly, Mari Hayman, Rachel Brooks-Ames and Roque Planas CLACS-journalism global joint program students, Roque Planas, Andrew O’Reilly and Mari Hayman as well as CLACS MA student Rachel Brooks-Ames have been busy the last few months. In November of 2009 they banded together and created an online newspaper called Latin America News DispatchContinue reading “Latin America News Dispatch (L.A.N.D)”

Roque Planas from CLACS on GRITtv

First year CLACS MA Candidate and freelance journalist Roque Planas appeared on GritTV with Laura Flaunders yesterday. Roque along with a panel of Latin Americanists, including CLACS affiliated faculty, Greg Grandin from NYU’s department of History sat down to discuss the recent events that have been occurring in Honduras. To see more of Roque’s freelanceContinue reading “Roque Planas from CLACS on GRITtv”

Fall 2009 Semester at CLACS

The 2009/2010 school year has begun at NYU and there are many exciting things happening at CLACS this semester. Ada Ferrer, who was previously a CLACS affiliated faculty, is now the Director of the center for a three year term. Students have returned from summer research trips and there is a new incoming class ofContinue reading “Fall 2009 Semester at CLACS”

CLACS Summer Grant Recipients

Photo by Jelena Kopanja in 2008 while in Spain on a CLACS summer grant CLACS is excited to announce the recipients of this year’s Summer Research Grant competition. Pending funding, The NYU Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies offers an annual competition for summer research grants. Graduate students in all NYU schools and programsContinue reading “CLACS Summer Grant Recipients”

Quechua Courses at NYU

Last fall, 2008, NYU offered its first Quechua class. About 12 of us met three times a week with Odi Gonzales of Cusco, Peru. Like the beginning of learning any new language, we struggled through the first few weeks, battling knee-knocking waves of frustration, surprise, success and total confusion. Now in our second semester, weContinue reading “Quechua Courses at NYU”