A Visual Journey Through Afro-Latin Soundscapes

During the Fall 2013 semester, Professor Dylon Robbins taught the interdisciplinary seminar Afro-Latin Soundscapes. In the accompanying colloquium series, CLACS hosted a series of musicians and scholars that spoke of the way music crosses cultural boundaries. Without mixers and soundboards the songs have taken on a organic sound that has helped shape hip-hop’s role asContinue reading “A Visual Journey Through Afro-Latin Soundscapes”

Teaching in the Freshman Honors Program

Three CLACS professors are going to teach in the Freshman Honors Program next semester. They explained why their field is particularly important to share with first year college students. Pamela Calla, an anthropologist, Visiting Associate Professor at the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at NYU and director of the Observatory on Racism ofContinue reading “Teaching in the Freshman Honors Program”

“Hablemos el Quechua por Placer,” Una Entrevista a Jorge Alejandro Vargas Prado

Supe sobre Jorge Alejandro Vargas Prado cuando leí su entrevista a Cesar Itier en la Revista Parlante Si no quiere desaparecer, el Quechua tiene que dar el salto a las ciudades, “Jorgicha” como lo llaman sus amigos es un joven cusqueño, literato, y editor de solo 25 años. Es también, un gestor cultural, su trabajoContinue reading ““Hablemos el Quechua por Placer,” Una Entrevista a Jorge Alejandro Vargas Prado”

CLACS Featured Faculty: Miryam Yataco

Miryam Yataco is a professor at NYU who has very diverse interests outside her field of teaching. Born and raised in Lima, she specializes in bilingual-intercultural education in Peru and the United States. She is also a language rights activist through an organization called Linguistic Rights, based in Geneva. From 2010-2011, Yataco worked as aContinue reading “CLACS Featured Faculty: Miryam Yataco”

CLACS Featured Faculty: Peter Lucas

Dr. Peter Lucas, is part of CLACS Affiliated Faculty whose work with graduate students ranges from human rights and media, participatory media, youth media, citizen journalism, indigenous media, and visual inclusion project. After obtaining his Masters/Doctorate at NYU, he started as an educational anthropologist doing dissertation research on youth and violence in North Brooklyn. He receivedContinue reading “CLACS Featured Faculty: Peter Lucas”

CLACS Featured Faculty: Ian Harnarine

Ian Harnarine, part of CLACS Affiliated Faculty and an alumnus of and professor in the Graduate Film Program at Tisch, started off as a student of Physics and Astronomy at York University, later earning an MA in Nuclear Physics from the University of Illinois at Chicago. At this point, Harnarine, who had always had aContinue reading “CLACS Featured Faculty: Ian Harnarine”

Focus on Faculty: Arlene Davila

Arlene Davila is an award-winning Anthropologist and a CLACS affiliated faculty member. She teaches classes in Anthropology and Social and Cultural Analysis.  Her research focuses on race and ethnicity, media studies, globalization, visual culture, political economy, consumer culture, and Latinos in the U.S. Originally from Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, Arlene has been committed to studying Puerto RicoContinue reading “Focus on Faculty: Arlene Davila”

Focus on Faculty: Liliana Goldín

Anthropologist Liliana Goldín is a CLACS affiliated professor in the Silver School of Social Work, and a faculty research associate at the McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research. Her research focuses on the intersections of economy and culture in Guatemala, and the ways in which primarily Mayan populations of the Central and Western HighlandsContinue reading “Focus on Faculty: Liliana Goldín”

CLACS Welcomes Director Sinclair Thomson

We are thrilled to welcome Sinclair Thomson as the new CLACS Director! Starting this spring, Thomson will bring innovative events and research on Latin America to CLACS. A historian, Thomson’s research focuses on indigenous social movements, and how revolutionary ideas live on in Andean collective memory and myth. Thomson’s book We Alone Will Rule: NativeContinue reading “CLACS Welcomes Director Sinclair Thomson”

Patricio Navia Weighs in on How Latin Americans Vote

Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, Fidel and Raul Castro – these charismatic leaders are not the first to capture the hearts and minds of Latin Americans. The legacy of left-wing populist leaders in Latin America has been studies by many scholars, such as Francisco Panizza, who spoke on the topic last fall at NYU. Some scholars, includingContinue reading “Patricio Navia Weighs in on How Latin Americans Vote”