Unique Courses, Great Opportunities, and Exciting Events: Welcome to Spring 2015

Welcome to the spring 2015 semester. We certainly hope that your friends and family are safe and unharmed after this week’s blizzard. We are pleased to share several opportunities for faculty, courses being taught this semester, and an exciting schedule of events at CLACS. The competition for Faculty Research Grants for summer 2015 and academicContinue reading “Unique Courses, Great Opportunities, and Exciting Events: Welcome to Spring 2015”

ROC From the Inside

I’m a proud first-year student in the Masters in Latin American and Caribbean Studies program, and I’ve been a part of ROC (Runasimi Outreach Committee) since I began the program. Every month, we host an event called a Quechua Night. Sometimes they are 20-people events in an NYU venue, and sometimes, as in the QueensContinue reading “ROC From the Inside”

Quechua Mugs and Tshirts for sale!

Allinllachu! We are excited to announce the arrival of Runa Simi Outreach Committee’s (ROC) promotional mugs and t-shirts. They will be available at all of our events for a limited time! Mugs are $15 each and t-shirts are $30. All of the proceeds from the sales of our new mugs and t-shirts go towards ourContinue reading “Quechua Mugs and Tshirts for sale!”

Quechua Celebration

The Runasimi Outreach Committee (ROC),  the Native American and Indigenous Students’ Group (NAISG) and the Movimiento Indígena organized Quechua Night and Celebration of Native Cultures. During the semester ROC hosted Quechua Conversation Nights and Quechua literature workshops with visiting scholar Gladys Camacho Rios.  They also publish a podcast series with interviews and conversation ins QuechuaContinue reading “Quechua Celebration”

Quechua Bingo in Queens

A few days ago, we hosted our first BINGO night! We welcomed guests with any relationship to the Quechua languages at our event, which we held in Jackson Heights, Queens. We partnered with Pachamama Peruvian Arts, a non-profit that offers free traditional Peruvian dance and music instruction for youth in Queens. While they held theirContinue reading “Quechua Bingo in Queens”

Quechua Radio in the Peruvian Andes: Part I

The focus of my thesis is on Quechua language, culture and media. During winter break last January, I went to Lima and met with Chirapaq headquarters, an NGO in Peru that supports indigenous culture. One of their oldest projects is “Sapinchikmanta,” which means “From our roots” in Quechua. This project trains people in Ayacucho andContinue reading “Quechua Radio in the Peruvian Andes: Part I”

Beginning My Research in Lima, Peru: Performance as a Memorialization

I came to Peru to conduct research with Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani, a popular theater group based in Lima. In fusing aesthetic and theatrical activity with collective memory, Yuyachkani’s performances, such as Rosa Cuchillo, Adíos Ayacucho, and Antígona, address issues of memory and trauma after Peru’s internal armed conflict primarily between the Peruvian government and the membersContinue reading “Beginning My Research in Lima, Peru: Performance as a Memorialization”

Yuyanapaq: To Remember Peru’s Violent Past

I recently began my summer fieldwork in Lima, Peru, where I visited the photo exhibit Yuyanapaq, or “To Remember” in Quechua. Created by Peru’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in 2003, the exhibit is a compilation of photographs that document the impact of political violence on the Peruvian population in the 1980s and 1990s. ItContinue reading “Yuyanapaq: To Remember Peru’s Violent Past”

Manuelcha Prado Delights NYU & New York

During the week of October 21-26 the students and faculty of the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) at NYU, as well as the broader NYU community had the privilege to meet renowned Andean musician, Manuelcha Prado. Born in Puquio in the department of Ayacucho, Peru, Manuelcha Prado is widely heralded as oneContinue reading “Manuelcha Prado Delights NYU & New York”

Angel Tibán Guala Riman Llank’anan TVpi

Angel Tibán Guala Ecuador Mamallaktapi – Cotopaxi marcamanta Tv MICC canal 47 jayllita pushan. Kay rikuna willanaka “Movimiento Indígena y Campesino de Cotopaxi – MICC” tantanakuypakmi kan. Ñami kinsa yalli watakuna kari warmikunapak yuyaykunata kausaykunatapash ishkayshimipi rimashpa rikuchishpapash llankankuna.Cay rikuna jayllika chusku markakunapak wasikunamanmi yaykun. Angel Tibán Guala dirige la televisora comunitaria Tv MICC canalContinue reading “Angel Tibán Guala Riman Llank’anan TVpi”