Dr. Gustavo Solis Fonseca Presents at Quechua Week

Dr. Gustavo Solis Fonseca is a professor at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and at the Center for Research and Applied Linguistics in Lima, Peru. He will also be speaking during NYU’s Quechua Week – December 13-17. Dr. Solis holds both a PhD and M.A in Linguistics, specializing in Amerindian languages. Dr. SolisContinue reading “Dr. Gustavo Solis Fonseca Presents at Quechua Week”

Saqrakuna: Quechua Television in Peru

Uno nunca debe desestimar el poder de la imagen, su magia, su potencial dentro del proceso de comunicación. Ese es el caso de SAQRAKUNA un programa de TV producido por Tarpurisunchis. Una nueva television en lengua materna (Quechua) es más que una prueba fehaciente de ese potencial. ¿Qué es Saqrakuna? Constituye un esfuerzo único yContinue reading “Saqrakuna: Quechua Television in Peru”

Quechua Nights at CLACS

When I tell people that I study the Quechua language, the news often inspires a feeling of surprise: Here? In New York City? I used to study Quechua as a graduate student at CLACS, but now that I’ve finished the program I have to take more personal initiative if I want to continue developing myContinue reading “Quechua Nights at CLACS”

Quechua Courses at NYU

Last fall, 2008, NYU offered its first Quechua class. About 12 of us met three times a week with Odi Gonzales of Cusco, Peru. Like the beginning of learning any new language, we struggled through the first few weeks, battling knee-knocking waves of frustration, surprise, success and total confusion. Now in our second semester, weContinue reading “Quechua Courses at NYU”