Wikipedia in Quechua

Thanks to a classmate, I recently discovered this version of Wikipedia in Quechua. Wikipedia is a user-generated entity accessible by anyone with internet. As such, the multiple groups and dialects of the Quechua language pose a challenge to producing one version of Wikipedia in Quechua. In addition, Quechua has been and is primarily an oralContinue reading “Wikipedia in Quechua”

Queens Colombian Fights Drug Trade and Saves Lives

Don Orlando Tobón at his travel agency in Jackson Heights, Queens. Photo by Jordan Cooper “Fírmate aquí,” or “sign here,” Don Orlando Tobón demands. He slips a stack of papers between the metal jaws of a stapler and swiftly strokes the device with the heel of his clenched fist. “This is what you put inContinue reading “Queens Colombian Fights Drug Trade and Saves Lives”

The Quagmire in Mexico

August 4, 2008 — Members of the Washington State Cannabis Eradication Response Team (CERT), shortly before discovering over 5,600 marijuana plants being grown by a group of Mexican nationals (DEA). Photo courtesy of DEA In his first Internet town hall meeting, Obama was asked if the U.S. should legalize pot as a way to growContinue reading “The Quagmire in Mexico”

Quechua Courses at NYU

Last fall, 2008, NYU offered its first Quechua class. About 12 of us met three times a week with Odi Gonzales of Cusco, Peru. Like the beginning of learning any new language, we struggled through the first few weeks, battling knee-knocking waves of frustration, surprise, success and total confusion. Now in our second semester, weContinue reading “Quechua Courses at NYU”