Street Food in Mexico City: The Dirty, The Clean, The Tasty

One of the first impressions that I had of Mexico City upon coming here for the first time, seven years ago was that the metropolis was saturated with food.  In addition to grocery stores, restaurants, and cafes of all types, the streets themselves teem with places to eat. White metal stands line the sidewalks nearContinue reading “Street Food in Mexico City: The Dirty, The Clean, The Tasty”

Perumanta Anthropologist Margarita Huayhuawan Rimaykusun

Anthropologist nisqa Margarita Huayhua. Pampamarka/Surimana (K’ana) Tupaq Amaruq llaqtanmanta. University of Michiganpi Ph.D. nisqata tukuran. Rutgers Universitypi kunan llank’akushan. Runasimi rimaq kawsayninkumanta, sasachayninkunamanta qillqashan ichapas qillqata hatarichimunqa lliw runa qhawarinanpaq, yacharinanpaq. Margarita Huayhua es a Ph.D. en antropología, University of Michigan. Ella es de las tierras que fueron parte del cacicazgo de Tupaq Amaru (Pampamarka/Surimana).Continue reading “Perumanta Anthropologist Margarita Huayhuawan Rimaykusun”

Focus on Faculty: Liliana Goldín

Anthropologist Liliana Goldín is a CLACS affiliated professor in the Silver School of Social Work, and a faculty research associate at the McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research. Her research focuses on the intersections of economy and culture in Guatemala, and the ways in which primarily Mayan populations of the Central and Western HighlandsContinue reading “Focus on Faculty: Liliana Goldín”

History and Anthropology Conference Highlights Expansive Caribbean Archives

On December 1 – 2, scholars and Caribbean studies enthusiasts came together for a two-day conference highlighting the recently acquired RISM Collection. The expansive RISM (Research Institute for the Study of Man) Collection was founded in 1955 by Dr. Vera D. Rubin (1911–1985), and produced unique social science research ranging the fields of anthropology, history,Continue reading “History and Anthropology Conference Highlights Expansive Caribbean Archives”