Bogotá and Bicycles: Steps Towards Sustainability

Bogotá is an enviously bike-friendly city, although the bikers themselves are less than friendly to tourists ambling haplessly across one of the city’s 300 km* of ciclorutas. Despite neglect by recent mayors, this network of bike paths and the city’s weekly ciclovía have managed to create quite a bike culture. It’s an impressive urban developmentContinue reading “Bogotá and Bicycles: Steps Towards Sustainability”

Estudia y DESOBDC: the Higher Education Debate in Colombia

I wasn’t in Bogotá for last year’s spate of student strikes and protests, nor have I seen its student movement in action. Its wake, however, is everywhere. The graffiti doesn’t last long in the ritzier areas of the city. It’s wiped off advertisements rather quickly; the pretty woman declaring her desire to “estudiar” from theContinue reading “Estudia y DESOBDC: the Higher Education Debate in Colombia”